Molise region, Italy

How do you say Colletorto & what does it mean?


It’s pronounced Kol-eh-tor-toe. It comes from the latin Collis Tortus, literally meaning crooked hill. Not surprising really when you consider it actually lies on a crooked hill!



Where the heck is it?


Colletorto is a small village of approximately 2800 inhabitants nestled in the remote Molise hills in southern Italy, some 50km inland from the Adriatic coastal resort of Termoli. Chief city of the Molise is Campobasso a further 55km of climbing road inland, the highest regional capital in Italy.



What has the Molise ever done?


Well, it produces ‘La Molisana’ pasta that is found in the most discerning delis, the buffalo mozzarella from Boiano is the connoisseur’s choice ... AND, little known fact ... its most famous sons are Madonna (grandparents from Larino) and Robert de Niro (grandparents from Campobasso). Indeed, Madge and Bob often are back themselves disguised in traditional peasant garb to help pick their family olives.



Will I be sleeping in straw or mud huts?


We had in mind something more comfortable in the family-run PEDA hotel. Not only is it the best hotel in the village, it is the only one! The PEDA is situated just off the central drag and all rooms are modern with en-suite facilities. Single, double and family rooms are available with no extra supplement (subject to availability).



What is the food like?


It’s Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Exceptionally good and healthy local fare. Generally, the PEDA hotel will provide breakfast and evening meals. Friday lunch will be as the locals do in the olive groves. Saturday lunch will be at a selected local restaurant. All meals during your stay in Colletorto as described in the programme are included in the cost. Vegetarians and vegans are readily accommodated by the Mediterranean diet.



Who will be in the group?


All kinds. The group size will be limited to approximately 15 people - make new friends!



What will the weather be like?


Who do you think we are … John Kettley and Michael Fish? The weather in late October is generally mild but can get cold in the evenings - you will need some warm clothing. Although rain is not usually expected, in such an event it may not be possible to actually pick the olives but all other aspects of the trip will remain unchanged.



What clothes do I need?


As you will be in Italy any items by Versace, Armani or Prada will help you blend in more easily. But this is a working weekend, so an old tracksuit and trainers (or similar) will be fine for the olive picking. For a more authentic look, think Michael Corleone with Apollonia in the Sicilian scenes - collarless shirt, waistcoat, flat cap and off-the-shoulder shotgun, hint of cleavage.



Limit of liability


Please note the trip is to be treated as a personal initiative by each participant and that the organisers are not legally and commercially responsible. Travel insurance is strongly advised and appropriate cover should be taken out as required by each individual. The programme should be taken as indicative and may vary slightly due to circumstances beyond our control (after all it is Italy!), or to better suit the particular requirements of the group. The organisers reserve the right to accept bookings.



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