extravirgin olive oil and truffles from Italy Molise

Italian Extravirgin olive oil from Colletorto, Molise


100% Pure Olive juice, nothing added and nothing taken away.  Packed with life giving energies, the exceptional health and nutritional benefits of this superfood are a true wonder known for over 6000 years.

Extracted from our hand-picked olives by first cold pressing, it is extravirgin oil at its most direct and very best. It is completely natural, pesticide free, no chemical fertilisers.  It is Raw and suitable for all diets.

Imported directly to minimise unnecessary food miles, this exclusive product is pressed and bottled for us by the family-run olive mills 'Aloia' and 'Timperio' in very limited quantity.

It also enables us to be able to offer it to you at great values prices, significantly less than other oils on sale of comparable quality.



Why Colletorto olive oil?


Italians know that good food comes from simplicity and using only the best ingredients. Olive oil is the single most important element of Mediterranean cooking, and Italians are particularly discerning when it comes to choosing this fundamental ingredient. It is a good olive oil that gives life to their dishes.  Don't settle for anything less than Italians do!

Extravirgin olive oil from Colletorto is the very best. It is the same olive oil kept by the locals for their distinctive cuisine, and sought by many throughout Italy for their own kitchens.

Extravirgin Olive Oil from Colletorto is from the seasonís harvest, pressed in early November when the fruit is at its optimum ripeness.

It is a balanced oil, fruity tending to the sweet, gentle peppery aftertones, and rich golden colour with green reflections. The classic flavour and appearance is due to the character of the land, quality of olive fruit and traditional methods of production.

The olives are picked by hand so as not to damage them, crushed by granite millstones and cold pressed on the same day. The oil is left unfiltered to preserve its complete characteristics. This is a labour intensive process wholly necessary to produces an extravirgin oil of purity and excellence.

The oil is enjoyed at its best for dipping, on salads, grilled vegetables, fish and light dishes.



Why not other oils?


Olive oils, much like wines, differ greatly in quality according to variety of olive, soil, conditions of cultivation and methods of preparation.

The cheaper extravirgin oils available in supermarkets, 'big brand names' for the mass market, are generally made from blends of inferior product from mixed sources. These may be produced by intensive cultivation, industrial extraction or from the previous seasonís unsold oil. Officially they can still be classified as 'extravirgin oils' - but the classification is wide and open to significant differences in quality.

A distinguishing mark of a pure oil is that the specific place of origin, method of production, and actual date of pressing is clearly provided. This is so for Extravirgin olive oil from Colletorto, which can be thought of in the same terms as a fine wine.

Please follow link for the murky truth about olive oil



Where is it from?


Colletorto is a small village of approximately 2800 inhabitants nestled in the Molise hills in southern Italy. The Molise is one of Italyís least known regions with stunning landscape, clean air and distinctive culture. The olive trees grown on the gentle slopes of the Molise hills are tended in the same way as they have been for hundreds of years.



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