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Truffles from Molise


Truffles are the ultimate gastronomic experience and one that you should try!

For more than two thousand years, truffles have been one of the rarest and most prized delicacies in the world. Italy is the world’s biggest provider and a well-kept secret is that the little known Molise region is one of the main centres.

The clean, remote forests of the remote alto Molise around Isernia, untouched by industrialization,  provide a perfect natural habitat in which the ‘vegetable diamonds’ flourish.

Truffles are undoubtedly expensive and make an excellent gift for food lovers, but here we offer a range of products made from pure Molise Truffles to suit every budget and use in the kitchen. 



What are Truffles?


Truffles are essentially mushrooms that grow underground in association with certain types of trees - mainly oak, beech and hazelnut. Their growth beneath the earth's surface is thought to be an adaptation to forest fires, drought, or severe cold, which leaves mushrooms above the soil surface prone to destruction.

The truffle has developed its very powerful aroma in order to propagate - it is very attractive to animals such as pigs and squirrels which dig them up for food and then go on to disseminate the spores. Female pigs or trained dogs have long been indispensable in finding truffles.

The truffle develops over several months and only when a number of conditions are right, such as the acidity of the ground, surrounding vegetation, temperature and rainfall, will a truffle grow.

Different varieties flourish throughout each season and so truffles are generally found all year round.

Truffle gathering remains an ancient and secretive art, practised by a select few. Even in years when conditions are quite perfect, only very small quantities are unearthed.  It is this rarity that accounts for the high prices truffles command.



Truffle varieties


White Truffle – tartufo bianco - (tuber magnatum pico)

The white is the finest and rarest fetching well over £1,500 a kilo depending on quality and seasonal abundance. With its superior flavour and delicate aroma, this truffle has mythical status. The gathering season is from September through to December. Because they are very specific to damp, well-aerated soils, white truffles do not grow in France where the soil is heavier. White truffles are mostly found in Northern and Central Italy. The main producing regions are Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Molise.

Black Winter Truffle – tartufo nero - (tuber melanosporum)

The black version comes at a more modest price from £250 a kilo. Adored by chefs and gastronomes, it is aromatic and superbly flavoured. The growing period for the black winter truffle is November through to March,  The largest production is around Perigord in South-eastern France, with the main producing regions in Italy being Umbria, Piedmont, Marche, Abruzzi, Molise and Lazio.

Black Summer Truffle – tartufo estivo - (tuber aestivum vitt.)

Now amongst the best known of all the fresh truffle varieties, it thrives in northern and central Italy. These truffles are plentiful during the summer, which brings down the prices compared to the winter varieties, and range from £150 a kilo. Harvesting season is from June to November. The low price should not be mistaken for low quality; these truffles have the same aroma and flavour of the winter variety but deliver it more subtly.



Cooking with Truffles


Don't be put off by the revered status – truffles are a fabulous food, versatile and very easy to use.

Although truffles are best eaten fresh within days of their discovery, truffles also preserve very well and maintain the authentic experience.

Truffle products are delicious used with pasta, risotto, polenta, bruschetta, wild asparagus, savoury tarts and with a a wide range of other dishes. They are also excellent used as a 'ripieni' (stuffing).



Centro Tartufi Molise


Our friends at the Centro Tartufi Molise, based in the heart of the Molise, are family-run producers of wonderful artisan truffle products. We are proud to present these to you for the first time.

The products feature all the three main varieties: Black winter truffles, White truffles and Black summer truffles.

It is passion, experience and preparation down to the finest detail that makes the Centro Tartufi Molise a centre of excellence for truffles.  Great care is taken to preserve the flavour and taste of fresh truffles so that you can experience these gastronomic specialities in your own kitchen.

Ultimately, the quality of the products is down to the fine truffles the Molise offers which guarantees the finest quality.



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